Opponent's list and notes

Strengths and weaknesses

He has a fair few hunters, heavy magic, heavy shooting, really powerful combat unit but lacks movement control, shooting defense and warmachine hunters. My own warmachines are relatively safe with his Doom diver and a short ranged magic missile as best weapons. His Doom divers are just... whow. Those things are really bad ass :) My own strengths are shooting, heavy magic and a fair degree of mobility. Downsides: frailty and lack of solid combat.

His damage potential

Anti Unit Tactics


Action radius:

This forces quite a big distance to the unit. This might make them effective warmachine defenders.
Damage against them:

Conclusion: Stay 14" away... Phew, that's a lot! They need to go ASAP. Shades seem ideal. Doombolt is a little overpowered but effective and better than keeping them around.
The biggest issue is getting hits in. Soulblight does help, but getting that +1 to hit is more valuable. Perhaps Blades of Aiban can help. A bolt thrower has good shot at doing 1 wound, maybe 2, but doesn't outscore 14 RXBs. Considering the RBT's worth against other targets, use them sparingly.


Conclusion: Mass RXB fire does the trick. RBT has a good chance on a single wound. So does the Bloodwrack medusa, but it's dangerous to rely on. Souldblight only worth it as AoE spell. Short range stand and shoot "might" pluck a wound, so don't rely on this to save your DRs.

Goblins with bows

Conclusion: Everything hurts these guys. Use Soulblight to double the damage. Chillwind is still a disappointment, but it does have a fair shot at doing a single wound. Might as well use Word of Pain to lower their BS though.

The Big Orcs

Conclusion: Soulblight and massed shooting will work. Everything else, not so much. Doombolt does hurt, but is disproportionately expensive. What is troubling is the investment needed to make this work. This poses a problem: investing too early will suck up all my ranged power. Investing too late makes it unstoppable.


Most units can handle them in CC, but what about shooting?

Conclusion Obviously we need to go for close combat, but since that may be tricky, mass shooting can work. We need 4+ to hit for that to be effective.


Dark Magic spell selection/evaluation

Final ranking....
  1. Word of Pain
  2. Choose two out these three. It would be tempting to have all three but... Do I really need to? It might be more important to pick Power of Darkness which boosts the magic.
  3. Power of Darkness
  4. Soul stealer. The main issue is the limited effectiveness. The awesomeness is the range and wounds build up
  5. Shroud of Despair. I would have loved to rank it higher, but I'm going to try to avoid combat until I can win by default.
  6. Chillwind

Lore of Metal

This one is much easier to rank :D
  1. Final Transmutation. Now that I would love. Perhaps roll Metal first. This one could be nice in conjuction with Shroud of Despair.
  2. Enchanted Blades of Aiban. Probably a winner. To hit has been a big modifier in my shooting and the magical attacks may help against the undead.
  3. Glittering robe. Helpful against his shooting, less so in combat.
  4. Transmutation of Lead. Will see little use, but beats searing doom. The BS could help against the gobbos and the range is alright.
  5. Plague of Rust. Meh. Could be used against the goblins. Nice to have but not a must.
  6. Searing Doom. I don't know a unit to use this against, unless he summons them.
  7. Gehenna’s Golden Hounds. Nope.

Lore of Little Waagh

Watch out for the Lore attribute! Steals dispel dice.

A surprising amount of utility here. I'm glad he'll only have two spells of these.

Lore of Undeath

Well.... This lore is just insane... And the level 4 is in a unit I can barely touch. It might be worth sacrificing a unit just to get the caster, but it's a risk. I don't really know how to deal with this lore. You can't let the small spells through, nor the big ones.

What I think he will do

- I have nothing to fight the Orcs and investing in weakening them with a 5++ and MR(1) is going to cost too much time for me to endure his shooting. While this may prove my first error, I'll try to delay this unit while I weaken his shooting. I need to watch out for whatever flank protection he'll set up. - The Goblins made themselves an ungrateful target thanks to the spider, wolf and skulkers. I'll try to weaken their shooting by magic or movement. - The warmachines alone could kill me, but should be easier to take out. I need to keep an eye on his Manglers, who might just be deployed to protect them instead of the Orcs. - If I can deploy far enough from him, I expect that Forbidden Rod to pop in round 2 or 3. If he can deploy closer, round 1. He might use the power stone early on to get some warmachine protection. I don't know how to stop this though :) - My BSB will be a favoured target of his spear chukkas, so he should be covered from them. I pray he'll survive enough lobbers and divers to buy me time. - My BWS is probably a solid unit to handle most of his summoned units (well, not the big ones) but it will be a priority target for his chukkas.
  1. Join Night Goblin Shamans and bow goblins, using the two Goblin Big Bosses as flank protectors. This gives the unit 6++ vs Warmachines.
  2. Join Warboss, Black Boss and Great Shaman with the Savage Orcs. This gives them a 5++ with MR(1).
  3. Summon undead to protect the castle.
  4. The Manglers are a wild card. They are fairly fragile, so he may be tempted to rush them into the enemy. My guess is that he'll be using them to hunt chaff, risking the danger for his own troops. It might be worth sacrificing a shot-up unit here if it gets them near his own gobbos and warmachines.
  5. The chariot might could be used defensively with its action radius, but I guess it will be used to protect the flank of his big Orc bus from being baited too much.
  6. His Bolt Throwers are dangerous, especially in short range. Most of chaff can only get limited damage from it, except for the ranked troops and my BSB. My BSB might have to sit on the side a bit to avoid them. I'm guessing he'll place them closer to my deployment. Could be used on the flanks for flank shots... Could be in the centre to maximize short range action radius. He has enough of them to put two on the flanks and two in the middle.
  7. His Orcs don't have much to go for. They could try to hunt the Shades, but are otherwise doomed to go for the Darkshards and Dreadspears. I should try to avoid him getting both, but at the same time these units might both be needed as bunkers for my casters.
  8. His gobbos will probably focus on my chaff or darkshards. The annoying thing being that I want my darkshards on them as well.
  9. He will probably try to protect his warmachines and gobbos.

What I probably have to do

  1. I have more drops than him, so I can let him to deploy first.
  2. Be aware of not getting first turn!
  3. I can not withstand his shooting. I can not beat his Orcs in combat.
  4. I have to bait, redirect and flee that Orc unit. Probably all game long unless I bought enough freedom to start pounding it with focused fire. Even so, that 5++ with MR(1) is a killer and may simply require too much fire to pay off. I can not land a final blow with a combat unit. To manipulate that unit I need to get that chariot down. Be aware of characters charging out of the unit.
  5. I have to take out that shooting, one way or another. This requires clearance of those manglers. My magic is "so so" against the warmachines. There's a few effective spells against the gobbos and the manglers.
  6. By the looks of it, it seems my first rounds will focus on magicking the manglers and controlling the gobbos. I can use RBTs to finish the manglers and start hurting warmachines.
  7. Once the Doom divers are gone, I could risk using a Shade unit to pick up my casters.
  8. I may have to sacrifice and play movement tricks to avoid that Orc unit.

Questions and checks

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