If he gets top


Should he get the top of the table, I can imagine three paths for him to advance:

  1. All the way on the left.. But this seems unlikely as it will put him too far from the action.
  2. Just after the hill for round 1 cover and good spot to move on to.
  3. Near the wood, so he can run in diagonally, with backup from the hill.

Let's balance this out with the archers.

Setup 1

It seems a little unlikely that his orcs will be out of place for so long. I'm tagging this as unlikely but all in all it's still a solid position with that protected flank and warmachine zone.

Setup 2

The Orcs will have a field trip. I thought I might just sneak away at the back of the house, but that is a plan doomed to fail. He can safely ignore the unit and keep the path to his machines locked. What troubles my about this setup is how his support is in a disarray, yet he creates a smashing killzone the right, with strong centre and a long road to reach his warmachines. This deployment looks strong in the sense that it looks difficult to counter, IMO. While every mobile unit that I put on the right can help in controlling the Orcs, they give too much room for the warmachines to handle. He can easily close the gap on the left by quick reforming the goblins and shut the access down. My best counter here may be a Black Horror or complete decimation of the goblin unit. If this happens, I'll have to keep one Shade unit back, so that my Sorceresses can run into it and get the mobility I need. So one unit of Shades on the left as an escape route for my Sorcs.

This seems a very likely setup, although he might be tempted to put hi

Setup 3

Here he can try to refuse a flank, then create a mobile middle which is supported by bowfire. It seems like a valliant attempt but I wonder if it would be possible to create a gap in the line and run past it, using my own mobile troops. Going by the left flank will just be costly in terms of time. Going through his forces is possible, but there's a problem. It will be a cramped space, which is very good for his kind of magic and shooting. Again, worth using a vortex and damaging his main blocks. Hmmm.. Need to ponder on this one.


Somehow this deployment seems full of holes. I'm fine with this, but somehow I doubt this is what he'll take.

Setup 2

Again the house makes his flank wide open.

Setup 3